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Healthy Holiday Help

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As the Holiday Season approaches, please remember that many people with Complex Trauma (Trauma incurred in the Attachment Field as opposed to an acute stress event) have had their hand forced to cut off or greatly limit their relational ties for the sake of their biological and psychological health. No one comes to such and… Continue Reading »

Although empaths possess exceptional neurological abilities in emotional coregulation and capacity, it is important to name that there are other unique adaptations to being an empath that exceed the neurotypical brain. Three of these phenomena are over-containment of ones own state, cognitive autoimmune responses, and tracking. All three of these are sophisticated threat responses that… Continue Reading »

Over the last couple of years, there has been a groundswell of articles written about empaths. Much like their polar opposite-the narcissist-empaths have been anecdotally defined-often in a manner that is misrepresentative. Therefore, it is imperative to accurately explain the characteristics and etiology of the empath. What does empathy mean? Firstly, let’s define empathy: Contrary to… Continue Reading »

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