Shannon blew my mind repeatedly with the quality of information she delivered during this training. The information she offers, and has compiled through her years of training, experience, and client work, is presented in a very supportive, grounding, and deeply considered way. Perhaps even more importantly, though, is her sharing of her wisdom through information… Continue Reading »

The training was incredibly informative and based on cutting edge research from the worlds of neuroscience and depth psychotherapy. The combination of didactic teaching, experiential exercises, and group conversation kept the entire training interesting and engaging. This is extremely helpful information for all healing professionals.

This training is not only informative/hopeful about how to help someone recover from Narcissistic Abuse, it is also healing for those of us who have encountered this abuse ourselves. The presentation, information, and group experience in the training is priceless. Shannon creates a safe container to talk about the reality of narcissistic abuse, the effects… Continue Reading »

The Narcissistic Abuse Pro Training was amazing. Shannon is professional, very well educated on the subject, compassionate and thoughtful in her teaching. I learned so much about this, to support myself as well as clients. I highly recommend this training to any therapist who seeks to learn more and be of better service to your… Continue Reading »

I cannot stress enough how important this training is in creating clearer understanding of narcissistic abuse and its impact on victims, and most importantly the recovery process from this kind of abuse. I came away feeling I have specific tools to help myself and my clients re-regulate the nervous system and place the abuse in… Continue Reading »

Fantastic Academic Environment

This course is comprised of important, albeit dense material. That said, the way this information was framed by the instructor, as well as the connection to timely and relevant industry theories (such as attachment theory) created an academic environment that I can only describe as fantastic! Kudos to this instructor, Shannon O’Neill is incredibly knowledgeable… Continue Reading »

Cannot Say Enough Good Things

The BEST aspect of this course is SHANNON ONEIL and the enthusiasm she brings. Her fresh perspective and applicable knowledge have led me to further my own research and understanding of attachment, addiction, attachment styles, and emotional regulation. Shannon is always available for consultation and is a great encourager of learning. Shannon’s sharing of her… Continue Reading »

Enthusiasm & Course Material

enthusiasm, course material and the way it is presented. open discussion. The instructor would greatly enhance the certification program if she taught more classes! 

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